The Greatness Experience with Mike Sherbakov

A Weekend Empowerment Retreat in San Diego, CA

  • Get clear on your passions, purpose, and impact during our break-out workshops.
  • Connect with like-minded world changers; friendships to support you on your journey to greatness.
  • Be guided through yoga and fitness experiences designed to stimulate your body, heart, and mind.
  • Connect with nature during a group surf session... Laughter and falling are required :)
  • Learn proven strategies to grow your business all while living a healthier, happier life.

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What past mentorship clients are saying...

It’s evident from the moment you meet Mike that he has dedicated his life to growth and learning. His enthusiasm for life and ability to lead, teach, and connect others is unlike any other.
— John P. (Founder and Angel Investor)
Mike has excellent, in-depth knowledge and has this knack of explaining things in simple terms. I would recommend Mike to any individual or company interested in group development. A man for all seasons.
— Tim H. (CEO and Philanthropist)
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Learning the importance of integrity, honor and hard work during his time on active duty as a United States Marine, Mike is the founder of The Greatness Foundation passionate about optimizing human potential and helping people make a difference. He holds degrees in kinesiology and psychology, as well as advanced certifications in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga. Working closely with companies Fitbit, Equinox and lululemon athletica, Mike is established as an expert in the space of wellness, social entrepreneurship and community building. He loves to surf and share adventures around the world with his 12 year old son.